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Welcome to the insanely weird and wacky world of Padhopper®. I reside in the same city that I was born in, way back in the mid-60s. I'm Pagan. I'm an Empath. I'm a gardener, a photography, a crafter, a daughter, a sister, and an aunt. Aunt is by far, THE best job I have ever had btw.
Anywhodal, these posts are my words, my thoughts, my opinions, my judgments, my fears and my soul. If I add you, I am trusting that the words I type in these posts, will stay in these posts. Please don't share my words or images elsewhere.

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I have 3 furbabies waiting on the Rainbow Bridge for me. There was a time when I would snicker a bit when someone referred to their pets as babies. As with everything in life, you don't get it, until you get it.
Clarence McGuillcudy was a Pure Bred Bluepoint Himalayan. She was my loving companion for 15 years. Colby was a cross between a German Shepard Dog and a Husky. She was my first and only dog. I may be biased when I say she was the best dog in the world. 11 years just was not long enough. I miss her every day. Coco was a Pure Bred Chocolate Point Himalayan. I rescued him from a home who didn't care a damn thing about him, because "he was just a cat". He was a little bugger, but I miss him too. My life was blessed to have these amazing critters. I hope they are running free, until I can greet them, on the Bridge.

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